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The following dress code is to be followed by all students assigned to Winston Dowdell Academy. All students will be dressed according

to the dress code from the time they board the school bus or leave home until they leave the bus or return home at the end of the

school day. Each student will be checked for dress code compliance immediately upon entering the building. Violations will be immediately corrected prior to attending class.
Dress Code
1. Students will wear long-legged Khaki pants (Twill, Dockers, or Dickie style).

No jeans, denim, cargo, nylon, warm-ups, wind-suits, or draw string style pants allowed.
Underwear/boxer shorts should not be visible.
Pants shall be properly sized.
No pants with extra large pockets or pockets on the legs.
No Capri pants or shorts.
Sagging pants will not be tolerated.
Form fitting pants will not be tolerated.

2. Students will wear a WHITE collared, three/four button shirt, and either short or long sleeved (polo or golf style).

All undershirts are to be white only.
Undergarments (i.e. camisoles, bras, lace tanks) should not be visible at the hem line or neck line of the dress shirt.
No words, designs, or other colors of any kind are to be visible on either side of the shirt.
Shirts must be tucked into pants at all times.

3. Students will wear a solid black belt.

No metal studding or decoration in permitted.
No other colors permitted.

4. Students are permitted to wear a BLACK or GRAY zippered sweat jacket.

No pull-over sweatshirts.
No words, designs, or other colors of any kind are to be visible on either side of the sweat jacket.
Students who wear sweat jackets to school must keep all other shirts or under shirts tucked in.
All other coats or winter coats will be held in the office till the end of the day.

5. Students must wear tennis, athletic, or lace-up shoes at all times.

Shoes are to have laces tied properly.
No flip-flops or sandals.
No Crocs or shoes of similar style.
No boots of any sort.
No house shoes/slippers
No flats or slip-on shoes.

6. Jewelry

No jewelry allowed - no necklaces, earrings, bracelets of any kind
No facial piercings.
No dental grills.

7. Anything that depicts or suggests association with a gang shall not be brought or worn at school.

8. Hats, caps, or other head coverings are not to be brought or worn at school.

9. Purses, wallets, combs, brushes, or make-up, etc are not allowed at school.

10. Students’ jacket and pant pockets, socks, and shoes will be checked daily before school for any items that are not permitted on campus while the student is attending WDA.
Violations of the WDA Dress Code will be immediately corrected in one or more of the following ways:

Removal of the item in violation
Removed items will be kept in the main office until dismissal
Parent to bring appropriate attire to school
Student returns home via parent pick-up
Student returns home via the morning bus